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Disclaimer: CMS does not have control over the website links that are listed below. If the link takes you to a page does that does not exist, please contact Mr. Mooney indicating the link and on what page the link is located.
General Links
EverNote Scannable for MasteryConnect
Your school or district likely has to subscribe.

Teacher does not have to create a class. Students can hit interactive question on the homepage and practice problems there.
(Please note that the sites on each of these pages are not in my control)
From this website link above, click under 6-8 for numbers & operations, algebra, etc. and it will bring up a list of online manipulatives. The resources are alphabetized, so scroll down to "grapher". The grapher allows you to put in functions and it will graph them, plus you can move the bar under the graph to change the values of x and y (to see the relationship). It will also graph functions that have exponents, square roots, fractions.....very cool!!
Writing Resources
Teacher Web-Based
 Login Services
Office365 Sign In
Thrivist Login
Mastery Connect Teachers Link
EasyCBM Teacher Login
These are competencies that the teachers need to be aware of on how to work their mobile devices, projectors, desktops, laptops, and Internet based tasks.
For your End of Year Evals
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 2018-2019 Doc 
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Tipton County Schools


Tipton County School Forms


Field Trip Form


Teacher Assisted Curriculum Resources


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Understanding ELA Quickscores
Miss Burns suggested this:
This website has example task assessments, lesson plans, resources and etc. This website is for 6-8 English and Math (even Algebra)

Make sure you also click on "modules" It has detailed lesson plans and resources