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Staff » Teacher Technology Competencies

Teacher Technology Competencies


Technology Competencies


Use technology ethically and responsibly for educational purposes.


Computer Basics


q       Perform basic computer functions (save, copy, paste, backup)

q       How to locate, load, and use a variety of software applications, such as Office applications,
pertinent school site licensed software, Microsoft Office, and Skyward Grades.

q       Navigate on a network to complete technology tasks

q       Troubleshoot basic computer programs

q       How to properly power on/power off a variety of technology devices

q       Make sure that everything is plugged in

q       Select and print to networked and local printers

q       Select and use OneDrive for your storage of files.

q       Log-on to network


Accessing Information


q       Search for and access information on the internet using a variety of search engines

q       Use removable storage devices

q       Use CDs, DVDs, and other digital resources to acquire information

q       Evaluate information found on the Internet

q       Use available subscription sites to access information

q       Create and maintain a bookmark/favorites annotated resource list

q       Navigate the Internet effectively


Processing Information


q       Create/edit/print word processing documents

q       Create/edit/print a database

q       Create/edit/print a spreadsheet

q       Use basic editing tools such as cut and paste, spell checking, insert graphics

q       Use graphic organizers (Inspiration software) to construct/process/understand information


Presenting Information/Producing


q       Import and manipulate graphics into a document

q       Use presentation software to create and present a slide show

q       Create and maintain a web page

q       Create lesson plans and newsletters

q       Use a gradebook program to keep grades and send interim reports to parents



Communicate Electronically


q       Use email to send and receive a message within the district's email system

q       Use the parent portal to effectively communicate with parents

q       Attach a document in an email message

q       Utilize the address book feature in email effectively

q       Place an internet link within a document, slide show, message, etc.


Incorporating Technology


q       Use Multi-media presentation software

q       Use Discovery Education

q       Use projectors, interactive white boards and handhelds

q       Use Promethean Boards/Smart Boards/ Classroom Engagement Systems/ Windows on Science

q       Develop a system to implement programs into the curriculum and their lesson plans


Staff Development


q       Teachers should learn in a gradual process

q       Must KNOW the objective before moving on to the next

q       Divide teachers by levels i.e. beginners, intermediates, and secure

q       Attend grade level work sessions with a Technology mentor at least twice a year or as needed
to keep knowledge of software and computers current


Emerging Technologies

q      Have a working knowledge of Web 2.0