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New Shot and Immunization Requirements

Stay informed about a new stomach virus that is going around.
NORO Virus Read about it here.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Immunization for 7th Grade (PDF Format)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Immunization for New Students in Student Handbook (PDF Format)






State Immunization Information-In a letter with the subject "NEW STATE IMMUNIZATION RULES AND CERTIFICATES," The Tennessee Department of Health (TDOH) has issued new immunization rules and is issuing a new official certificate that is required for entry into school effective July 1, 2010. All newly required vaccines are routinely recommended for all children. Most children should have already received them.

Immunization Requirement Summary: Tennessee Department of Health Rule 1200-14-1-.29

~~ There will now be only one official TDOH certificate of immunization that must
 be filled out by medical providers for delivery to schools prior to entry of their
 child into pre-school, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 7th grade, or as a new student. This form
 will only be available from a private healthcare provider or local health department.

~~ Children entering the 7th Grade, who are already enrolled, must show proof of two new immunizations. See below.

~~ For 7th grade students already enrolled in Tennessee schools, only proof of the two new immunizations is required on the new immunization certificate.

Summary: Tennessee Immunization Requirements (TDOH 1200-14-1-29)

Children entering 7th Grade
~~New Immunization Requirements
-pertussis booster (Tdap)

~~~~History of Chickenpox (varicella) OR 2 doses of vaccine

If you have any additional questions, please contact:
Cindy Hogg, RN, BSN
Health Services
Le Bonheur
Health Schools-Tipton County
Tipton County Board of Education
(901) 837-5600 E-Mail




Weekly Wellness Insights

There never seems to be enough time in the workday. One of the ways we try to save a little time is by eating snacks and lunch at our desks. Some of us feel that we can't even spare a few minutes to walk to the cafeteria or down the street to buy a snack. When we do take time to eat, we sneak bites while checking email, shuffling papers and answering the phone.

Aside from the fact that it's good for your mind and body to take breaks, this desktop dining habit is a potential health disaster, according to WebMD. Here's why:

·         When people snack at their desks, they tend to eat fast and furiously. If you eat fast, you're more likely to eat more than you need.

·         When you eat while trying to work, it's likely to be "mindless eating." Your body is going through the motions, but your brain isn't fully aware you're eating. This can cause you to consume more calories than your body really needs.

·         Studies have shown that when we snack because of stress or boredom (not out of hunger), the calories we eat tend to be "extra" calories. In other words, we don't compensate by eating less at the next meal or by waiting longer until the next meal.

To avoid these unhealthy habits, put aside your work for those few minutes you're eating and take time to really enjoy your food. Also, make sure you choose healthy workplace snacks made up of foods you should fit into your daily diet anyway, such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains and yogurt.


July Health Observances

This week, we are highlighting healthy snack ideas. Here are some examples of snacks that are good to keep handy at your desk:

·         Trail mix and/or dried fruits and nuts

·         Breakfast cereal (choose a higher-fiber, lower-sugar type)

·         Cans of higher-fiber, lower-fat and lower-sodium soup

·         Instant oatmeal packets (look for lower-sugar options)

·         Tuna salad kit (includes a small can of water-packed tuna, a relish packet and crackers)

·         Higher-fiber, lower-fat crackers (like reduced-fat Triscuits)

·         Natural-style peanut butter with crackers, bagels and/or fruit

Here are some simple perishable snacks you can bring for the day:

·         Low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit

·         Reduced-fat cheese with lower-fat, higher-fiber crackers

·         A small portion of leftovers from last night's meal that you can warm up in the lunchroom microwave

It's also important to make your desktop drinks healthier by choosing beverages with zero calories or drinks that have some nutritional value but not too much sugar.

Good non-caloric choices include:

·         Fruit infused water (Try these recipes from the Site Champion website.)

·         Herbal or regular tea (cold or hot)

·         Coffee (caffeine-free is best)

Beverages that offer some nutrition, but not a lot of sugar include:

·         Non-fat or low-fat milk

·         100% fruit juice or drinks made with part juice and part sparkling water

·         100% fruit nectar or drinks made with part nectar and part sparkling water

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