UPDATED August 1st, 2021
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CMS's Skyward Family Account Processing
Crestview Middle School
201 Mark Walker Jr. Dr
Covington, TN 38019

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Initiate an application request by clicking the logo below:
Skyward Family Application Request
Please submit, by clicking the Request Application Here information needed.

Please make sure you are using an active email account that you check regularly for email messages. Be aware that some e-mails may be classified as junk, bulk, or spam mail. Please look in any areas if you don't get a response more than 2 days past. 
You will also get a confirmation the form has accepted your request. 
~~~If you are able to log in to your account from 2020-2021, then you are good to go.
Any parent, who forgets their password, has to re-apply to see their children's grades as contact as addresses do often tend to change. 
The Skyward Accounts Administrator, by laws of FERPA and COPPA, has to protect your child's data.

You can complete an application in person or have it requested digitally to be signed and returned. You must take a landscape oriented photo of your driver's license to submit in the form prior to completing the application. PLEASE NOTE: The name on the driver's license must match who is applying to see their child's grades. Any mismatched information will result in you being denied access to your child's grades until you correct this by submitting the information correctly or contact the attendance coordinator of that school to get the updated information needed. Please be sure your name is the name listed on your driver's license.~~~ We protect the data of every child as sensitive information and must make sure all information matches prior to disclosing your child's information to you.
 This application requires:
Adobe Reader button 
UPDATED August 1, 2017
7 pages
Please note that page 7 is now an editable application, where you can type in your information. Please look for the slight highlights in the form on page 7. You may fill in your information and save a copy of the application to your computer with your typed information in page 7. When you do print the application, click File, Print. When the print dialogue box comes up, be sure to select Page(s) and type a 7 in the page box in order to not print the whole application.
2 Methods on how to submit the form back. Choose 1 method.
 if you prefer to handwrite the information.

Feel free to make a copy or have an office staff member copy your driver's license via a copier you have access to and/or mail back both the application and driver's license copy to:
Crestview Middle School
ATTN: Jon Mooney
Skyward Family Access Processing
201 Mark Walker Jr. Dr
Covington, TN 38019
2. If you are not able to make it to the front office and have the digital capabilities, sign up to request to have an application sent to your active e-mail account. You must check this e-mail account often. Look in SPAM, BULK, or JUNK MAIL. We will send one letter via your child to you in case you don't respond within 2 days of the digital application being sent.
ADOBE SIGN is used to deliver the application to your e-mail. Once you've completed all required fields, and sign the document, the form will return a copy to you and to me automatically. 
To see this form, you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your Apple or Droid devices. 
Once all required information has been received, the processing can begin and you will receive an e-mail from [email protected] to continue setting up your Skyward Family account.
All discrepancies must be cleared up through our attendance coordinator. The driver's license might not have the same address but that is okay. I just need the photo ID for identification purposes.
Click below to access the service once you have received an e-mail confirming that your account has been set up.
Skyward Family Login button
After signing in:
~~~If you are experiencing any problem regarding any other child(ren) not connected with you in your account or account issues at all, please call the school at 840-9250 or contact the school where your children are enrolled. At CMS, ask to speak to our attendance coordinator, Mr. Chambers, to get CMS student account connection problems resolved. Skyward Family processor has no rights to edit any information pertaining to family to child connections in Skyward and must be handled through attendance. ~~~