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Students » Student Computer Accounts and Policy Information

Student Computer Accounts and Policy Information

Updated September 6th, 2020
Crestview Middle students have now been assigned a permanent computer, email, and Google Classroom account, which they will use to access the computers within all Tipton County Schools that they are enrolled through their school years.
Your student account will be in the form of using their first name, middle initial (if there is one), a portion of their last name depending upon its length with two to four numbers at the end). Your student password will be the assigned password to that account, which cannot be changed.
For example, Jonathan Doe Doe would have a username of jonathanddoe0000 and a password, which is six digits long. Jonathan would log into the computer at school using this account.
Jonathan will also use this username to sign into Clever Student Access to Apps as well. This is located under the Students tab above.
Jonathan has also been given an e-mail address, to which is used for communication between teachers and schoolmates. Jonathan's e-mail address would be [email protected]. This is the e-mail username that will be used to sign into Office365 e-mail at This is also the same username that will be used to sign in to Google Classrooms by going to Your student's teachers may use these for distance learners or in computer lab settings to assign classwork and collect classwork for grading. 
It is the student's responsibility to memorize the account information. The student's homeroom teacher will receive the account information as soon as they are printed. The students are recommended to write this information down or keep this sheet handed to them by their homeroom teacher with the account information in a notebook so that they can use it when it is needed. It is the student's responsibility to use email accounts in a respectful manner. Any harassing amongst students and disrespect toward staff in school e-mail is prohibited. The email accounts WILL NOT receive any outside messages from other e-mail services such as hotmail, yahoo mail, gmail, or others. Students WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEND messages to the outside services such as hotmail, yahoo mail, gmail, or others. This protects them from viruses and any inappropriate material from getting in. E-mail is a record once the message has been sent to a student or teacher. 
The students are also encouraged to be mindful of the Student Acceptable Use Policy for Technology, which reads:

Tipton County Schools

Student Acceptable Use Policy

The use of computers, networks, and the Internet in the Tipton County School System is a privilege and not a right and the use of this privilege may be revoked at any time for any reason. All communication that takes place on the network must be polite, kind and free from inappropriate language and material.

We have developed a set of rules, but they cannot cover everything. Sharing computer access with others requires users to be polite and do what is right. Before you sign this agreement, you should understand that user privileges will be lost and that disciplinary action will be taken for inappropriate use of Technology. You, as a student, parent, or legal guardian can be held legally liable for any problems that occur due to your child's inappropriate use of the computer hardware, software, and networks in our schools.

As a condition of my use of the computers, networks, and the Internet, I will abide by the Terms and Conditions for Technology listed below.

Terms and Conditions:

  • I understand that computers, network, and Internet access, is for educational purposes only, and is available only to qualified students, teachers, administrators, and staff.
  • I will never share my password with anyone else.
  • I will never attempt to tamper with, or otherwise disrupt, other people's data or computer equipment, or try to gain unauthorized access to accounts or files on any computer, network, or on the internet.
  • I understand that the electronic mail service provided by the Tipton County Schools is not guaranteed to be private.
  • I understand that the disciplinary action will be taken against any user found sending or acquiring objectionable material over the Internet, or creating, copying, or otherwise manipulating, objectionable material on school equipment or on school premises.
  • Any use of school technology for commercial or for-profit purpose, personal or private matters, is strictly prohibited.
  • Tipton County Schools specifically forbids the unauthorized duplication of software.
I understand this and will abide by the U.S. copyright law, which states:
According to U.S. copyright law, unauthorized reproduction of software is a federal offense. Offenders can be subject to civil damages of as much as $100,000 per title copied, and criminal penalties, including fines, up to $250,000 per work copied, and imprisonment of up to 5 years per title copied.

Student Name (please print)               Student Signature

_____________________               ___________________

Parent or Legal Guardian (print)        Parent or Legal Guardian Signature

_____________________              ___________________

Nothing is private on the school network. Students are PROHIBITED from accessing social networking and personal e-mail sites on Tipton County School computers. All student searches within their CMS account are recorded by the technology department and the student can be reprimanded for questionable searches on a TCS Computer. Referrals are automatically written up on students caught on social networking by a staff member. These accounts are monitored by the technology department in Tipton County. Should misuse of the account become evident, the principal will receive a report from the technology coordinator of the district.