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Dismissal Process

Dismissing from School
On a regular school day, which is from 7:00am to 3:15pm, the afternoon dismissal is as follows:
At approximately 2:40pm, announcements will be made.
At approximately 2:45pm, car riders and first dismissal are announced.
Car riders will proceed to the gym where they will sit down on the bleachers until their name is called.
At approximately 2:55pm, 2nd dismissal is usually called, if buses are on time. 
At approximately 3:15pm, 3rd dismissal is called, if buses are on time. 
Car riders that have not been picked up after 3rd dismissal is called will go to the front office where they will call home to get someone to pick them up. Parents can come to the front to pick up the students then.
If Tipton County Schools is dismissing at 11:30am, which is usually on registration day, for Christmas break, and for Summer break...the dismissal procedure usually is...
Car riders and 1st dismissal will be called at 10:45am to release from the rooms. Car riders will go to the gym, sit on the bleacher, and wait for their names to be called. 1st dismissal will go to the buses for departure.
2nd dismissal may be called about 11:00am, if buses are on time. 
3rd dismissal may be called about 11:20am or earlier if buses are on time. 
Leftover car riders will be sent to the office for them to call a parent/guardian to come and pick up the child.
Snow dismissal or inclement weather... There could be days where the Tipton County Schools will call an early dismissal at various times due to inclement weather conditions. You, parents and guardians, should monitor closely for dismissal by your local news or by phone call from the district of the impending dismissal due to inclement weather.  Dismissal and car rider release times cannot be determined with snow or inclement weather dismissing. 
We hope this may clear up any dismissal issues that your child has at the beginning weeks of school.