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CMSTV NEWS Feb 6 to 10th


Hello and welcome to CMSTV News. I’m your chief correspondent, Jonathon Mooney. This is your week at a glance.

“Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.” ―Ken Poirot

Monday February 6 Science/SS PLC's (Ms. Jones's Room at 3rd Dismissal)
Softball Try-Outs  3:30-4:45
Girls' Track Practice 3:30-5:00
Soccer Practice 3:30-5:00
Baseball Try-Outs @ CHS 5:00
2:45 -Discipline Committee Meeting in Front Office

Tuesday February 7 Math PLC's (Ms. Blalock's Room at 3rd Dismissal)
Ed. Council---If you have a district level concern, please see Ms. Joyner or Ms. Chambers
Dance Practice 3:30-5:00

Wednesday February 8 ELA PLC's (Mr.  Seaberry's Room at 3rd Dismissal)
PBIS Store Open for 6th Grade
Softball Practice 3:30-4:45
Soccer Practice 3:30-5:00
Dance Practice 3:30-5:30
Baseball Practice 3:30-5:00

Thursday February 9  
PBIS Store Open for 7th Grade
Parent Teacher Conference 3:15-6:15
Softball Practice 3:30-5:00
Faculty Meeting....(During your Planning)

Friday February 10
PBIS Store Open for 8th Grade
Girls' Track Practice 3:30-5:00
Baseball Practice 3:30-5:00

This has been your CMSTV News with your Week at a Glance. I’m your chief correspondent, Jonathon Mooney. Have a good day.