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Students from CMS Win 4-H Poultry Judging Contest

4-H Poultry Judging is an evaluation event in which students learn and understand standards used in poultry and egg production and marketing, and to apply the standards in a realistic decision-making situation. Student Oliver Byrd were a part of this team that placed 3rd in the western region.


Meat Judging trains youth to distinguish differences in the values of various meat cuts. Youth learn how to evaluate and identify retail cuts as well as wholesale cuts and carcasses. The 4-H meat judging program allows youth to learn about the different cuts of meat along with the trimness and quality factors that affect the safety and taste of the meat products we consume. Oliver Byrd and Baylea Walton participated in this team and they scored 1st place in the western region. Baylea Walton scored highest scoring individual.

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