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Science Teacher Coach Elinor get's 'clipped', 6th Grade Won No Hassle fundraiser

Back in September, the school held its no-hassle fundraiser where students could donate to the school to receive special awards to happen later. There was a contest. The grade level with the most money raised meant that someone was going to likely lose their hair. Sixth grade science teacher Mr. John Elinor placed his hair on the line thinking that sixth grade probably would not be able to pull off the challenge of raising the most money. Sixth grade proved him wrong. They raised the most money and won the No Hassle fundraiser. Mr. Elinor was clipped on October 18th, 2019 in the gym at CMS.

Photos provided by Mrs. Julie Joyner, SWIF Coordinator

Coach Elinor Clipped  Coach Elinor Clipped
Coach Elinor clipped   Coach Elinor clipped
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