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Internet Safety

A Letter from Tennessee's First Lady

Dear Parents:

Recent studies show that one in five children receives on online sexual solicitation each year, and 29 percent of children freely give out personal information online if asked. The Internet Keep Safe Coalition is aiming to change these disturbing statistics. I joined the coalition because I know that through education, we can prevent children from becoming victims of Internet predators.

I invite you to visit the coalition's web site at you can click on Tennessee on the map and find important information for you and your children about protecting personal information online and the three rules of Internet Safety: KEEP, DON'T MEET, and TELL.

On the website, children will beet the icon of Internet safety, Faux Paw, the Techno Cat, as she teaches the rules and shares her story through an online tory book and award-winning animated short movie. They can also play games that reinforce Internet Safety.

I recommend the remarkable Faux Paw screen saver that will password-protect your keyboard while allowing children to click only the website and links to NetSmartz, McGruff, and other safe sites. It is available at no cost at Additional resources include tips parents can follow to help protect their children.

I hope you will take full advantage of all the resources the Coalition is offering your family. Working together, we can protect our children from online dangers.

Warmest regards,

Andrea Conte
First Lady of Tennessee

Another good site to take a look at and discuss with your kids: Parent's Guide to Children's Safety Online