Here are the Who's Who 8th Grade categories and students chosen for the 2014-2015 school year. Congratulations to these students. 

Miss CMS: K. Bradshaw
Mr. CMS: K. Gant

Best All Around
L. Yates
B. Stowers

Most Talented
Vocal Music
A. Zurhellen
G. Griffin

Instrumental Music
C. Smith
M. Simpson

G. Donaldson

Most Likely to Succeed
N. Jewell
A. Nason

Most Athletic
D. Dotson
M. Luttrell

Most School Spirited
N. Walls
L. Horton

Most Courteous
T. Grandberry
J. Foster

Most Friendly
E. Sanders
T. Pierce

Most Attractive
J. Bryant
M. Hejny

Best Dressed
S. Walker
B. Gardiner

Prettiest Smile
C. Delashmit
J. Matthews

Prettiest Eyes
A. Baskin
M. Hunter

Most Talkative
H. Rose
C. Price

Most Gullible
D. Rose
A. Locke

Best "Best Friends"
Brock & Ty
Jalen & Maddie
Khyra & Summear

T. Harris
S. Adams