Crestview Middle School
Parent Involvement Plan 2015 - 2016

Crestview Middle School's School-wide Family Involvement Plan


Crestview Middle School is committed to providing quality education to every student. As part of this goal, we wish to establish meaningful partnerships with our students’ parents and families. We feel that all stakeholders involved will experience positive results if school and home work together for the benefit of the child.  To achieve these goals, we will provide the following:


1. The school will host and invite parents to an annual meeting held each year to inform parents of school status, the family involvement plan and parents’ rights will be explained and questions answered. 


2. An "Open House" will be held for parents to provide an opportunity to tour the school, view the curriculum, meet the teachers, and discuss the daily schedule and student expectations. 


3. Parent-Teacher conferences will be held twice a year after regular school hours so parents will have the opportunity to meet with their child’s teachers. 


4. Parent involvement meetings will be offered at flexible times. We will give parents the opportunity to provide in-put for future program development by sending home surveys and questionnaires. Parents are encouraged to participate in the annual School Improvement Plan. 


5. We will hold Parent Teacher Conferences in the fall and spring semesters after regular school hours so parents can have opportunities to meet with their child’s teachers to discuss student progress. 


6. Parents, teachers, students, and the principal will sign and return the Home-School Compact, which will be kept on file in the school-wide Instructional Facilitator’s office. 


7. We will use school newsletters, newspaper articles, school website, school marquee, call-out system, Schoolway app, etc. to encourage communication in a timely manner. Teacher communication will be available through agenda books, email, parent-teacher conferences, Remind 101 and phone calls.


8. Teachers will respond to parent questions or concerns regarding grades within a reasonable amount of time in either written or verbal form. We will provide four report cards and four interim reports per year. Academic communication will be maintained online through Skyward access and/or sending home papers. 


9. The school will provide opportunities to inform parents about topics such as State Standards, parental involvement and ways to assist and monitor student progress at home.


10. All resources can and will be used to provide training activities to teachers, parents, and students including School-wide Programs, Parent Involvement, Family Resource Centers, Human Services, etc… 


11. School staff members will present themselves in a friendly, respectful, and helpful manner, will be accessible to parents and will welcome parents as volunteers and observers. 


12. Parents will be provided with opportunities to submit differing views and offer suggestions if the program plan does not meet their expectations. Parents are welcome to share experiences and offer suggestions, thereby forming meaningful partnerships, and participate in the education of their children.