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TN State Department of Education released the county schools' report cards across Tennessee. See how your school performed.

School Home Compact 


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Change of Address/Phone Number

To ensure your child's safety and to gain access to Skyward Family Access to see your child's grades, attendance, and discipline, the school must have accurate information---and be able to reach parents quickly---in the event of an emergency. Please report any change of address and/or phone number(s) to the school office immediately. In order to make any particular changes, the following proof (2 proofs) are required:

Proof of Address (2 of the following)
1. Property tax records which indicate location of residence.
2. Mortgage documents or property deed.
3. Current utility bills showing residence address (NO PHONE BILLS)
4. Automobile registration
5. Voter precinct card

No other proof will be accepted.

Inaccurate information will result in
delaying the process of Skyward 
Family Access accounts.


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