The 5 Pillars 
Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character, Citizenship

CMS's National Junior Honor Society

2017 - 2018

Mrs. Tracy Stafford

Lead Adviser

Direct questions to


Mr. Digger Hughey

Other Advisers include:

Mrs. Veronica Wheeler

Mrs. Donna King

Ms. Eboni Eaton

Mr. Alan Willey

National Junior Honor Society 2017 Induction

 will be September 5th, 2017 at 7:00pm in CMS Cafetorium.

All inductees are needed at CMS by 6:30pm for line up

As of July 23rd, 2012, the new average for membership eligibility into the National 
Junior Honor Society is a 93

The National Junior Honor Society is a service organization. Students in the 7th and 8th grades at Crestview may

 be invited to become members if they have a grade average of 93, with no N's or U's in conduct. Students can

have NO office referrals, ISP, suspensions, etc. These students must maintain a high academic average as well as

perform civic duties for the school and community.  They are to maintain good behavior standards and represent

our school and community with pride.