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Your Homecoming Court 2018
On Thursday, September 27th, Crestview Middle School held its annual Homecoming Court at the Covington High football field where the Chargers faced off against the Munford Middle Cougars. On your left is princess Ella W., 7th grade; on the right is princess Jada P., 6th Grade; and in the center is your Crestview Middle Homecoming queen, Ta’Nyah A., 8th grade. CMS wants to congratulate these princess nominees from each grade level: in 6th grade, Reese Weir, Dakota Fuller, Hailey McClain, Shamprell Poole, Brookelyn Walden, Leah Kirby, and Aubrey Hinman; in 7th grade, Caroline Bearden, Danial Blalack, Adisyn Whaley, Kamorry Wilson, and Haley Tindall; and in 8th grade, Madie Rose, Oniya Boyd, Addie Hall, Suzy Grandberry, and Haley Slough

Results released August 16th, 2018:

The Crestview Middle Cheer Clinic Showcase Highlight
June 27th, 2018 @ 4:42pm

Miss Eaton has been coaching the CMS cheerleaders for 2018-2019 very hard to get cheerleading experience in the summer cheerleading clinic. They showcased their work today. Here are highlights from the showcase.
 This video has been edited due to blur in some portions. This is not a full length. It only shows highlights from the showcase.

Jump Off Competition at Cheer Clinic
June 27, 2018 @ 12:19pm

During camp we held a jump-off and a dance rally where the girls were allowed to showcase their best jump and dance. They were judged on their technique, presence, and overall confidence. Ta’Nyah finished first and was named the Jump-off Queen. We also held a mini competition with the rally dance to test their memory. Each round, the girls were given a new challenge. Ty came out being able to execute dance with her eyes closed and the music speed increased.

Cheer Clinic @ CMS 
June 26, 2018 @ 10:36am

The girls are learning new band dances and cheers that can be added to their routines for the upcoming football and basketball season.
During stunt clinic, the girls learn how to properly execute stunts that will be incorporated into stunts and cheers for the season.

Crestview Middle Charger Cheerleaders are hosting a showcase for staff, admins, and public on June 27th at 2:00pm at Crestview Middle. Please come out and support your Charger cheerleaders. ~Miss Eaton 


June 21, 2018 @ 6:14 post time:

Charger Camp

Shelley Gough, Curriculum Coordinator/Assistant Principal wrote: 
From friendship bracelets, bubble gum blowing contest, to creating slime...Our new Chargers got to experience life in the middle school for a few hours today! We had a blast and look forward to a great new year!


June 18, 2018 @ 4:20pm
Great Sportsmanship for Crestview Charger Boys Basketball Team

The Crestview Boys Basketball Team has won 15 games so far this summer in camp at Millington First Baptist, Dyersburg, and Dexter, Missouri.  This is a special group of young men.  Refs in Dexter talked about their good behavior. They made friends with players from other teams in Dexter. They behaved classy in going 12 and 0 in two days in Dexter.  They won the respect of everyone who saw them play.  In our last game in Missouri the entire audience of about 100 people were against us, and we could not get a break in the calls... in fact it pretty much went against us in most cases.  They could have acted out, but kept their cool and played our game.  Great experience for them.

Their only loss was a 1 point loss in Dyersburg, against Dyersburg last Wednesday.  Coach James Dowell and I are very proud of the way they have played and conducted themselves this summer.  Only 3 more games this Friday and we are done for the summer.
Just thought I would pass the news along.

Update June 22nd, 2018: The CMS boys have 12 wins, 0 losses in Missouri; 4 wins and 0 losses in Alabama. There were 3 wins and 1 one-point loss in Tennessee. There were a total of 19 wins and 1 loss. That wraps up the summer basketball camp. The team roster includes J. Dowell, I. Robinson, J. Greene, A. Smith, J. Anthony, A. Mason, O. Winfrey, A. Bland, and T. Holland. The team played over the summer at Millington First Baptist, Dyersburg; in Dexter, Mossouri, as well as Killen and Huntsville, Alabama.

Update June 28th, 2018: The CMS boys varsity basketball team experienced 19 wins and 1 loss during the summer camps.  However, they experienced a whole lot more than basketball.

In Millington at First Baptist, they played two basketball games.  They also were treated to a delicious lunch and heard the gospel of Christ in a short talk from the Youth Pastor of First Baptist Millington.

In Dyersburg they had breakfast at McDonald's or Chic-Fil-A... their choice.  About half went to McD's and half to Chic.  They played two games and experienced a blow-out win over Crockett County.  They won with grace.  The second game was a one point loss to Dyersburg Middle in a controversial bookkeeping error game.  Cool heads prevailed and the players learned how to keep their heads up even in the face of controversial adversity.  

In Dexter, Missouri they earned respect from those who might have had preconceived ideas about our behavior.  They won with grace and learned mental and physical toughness with back-to-back games.  Twelve games in two days and 10 hours bus time during the 48 hour period proved to be pretty grueling.  The boys talked and mingled with opponents before and after each game, learning how to make friends with others.  They also watched some high school teams playing in a large arena, doing what it takes to be a good basketball team during the winter!

In Florence, Alabama on Thursday, June 21st they saw beautiful downtown Florence and the University of North Alabama campus.  They also came within 5 feet of two full grown live Lions.  Two fences were in between them thank goodness.  The male and female brother and sister Lions laid against the fence, yawned to show their massive teeth and were petted by their "mama."  At least that's what she said she was although she looked human.  Next the boys visited three radio stations in the same building.  They saw actual "live" D.J.'s doing their thing for Big River Broadcasting my former employer.  They also read and saw a music history lesson on the wall of the lobby.  It briefly described all the Hall's of Fame, station owner Sam Phillips is in.  After lunch at CC's Pizza and and some of us at a Mexican restaurant next door, the bus took everyone to Spring Park in Tuscumbia, Alabama where the Helen Keller Festival was in progress.  They enjoyed the 40-foot man made water fall feeding the lake of the park.  The lake featured a light and fountain show set to music of the "Shoals" area.  Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers and they played their instruments on more hit records than just about any other studio musicians.  That includes the number one song of all-time, Respect by Aretha Franklin.  After seeing the famous "Fame" studios on the way to the park, we only wish we had time to take that tour.  We checked into the lodge at Joe Wheeler State Park at 4:30 and enjoyed cooling off in the swimming pool.  Then at 6:00 p.m. a few short miles away, we played a practice game in a very nice gym against a very competitive Brooks School 8th grade team.  We won. Back to the lodge we went for an evening of swimming, (until Thunderstorms came in) then on to the rooms for T.V., video and card games.

The next day, after breakfast at McDonald's or Hardees, we traveled to the Rocket City, Huntsville.  There we drove right by the Space and Rocket Center and witnessed the outdoor displays of rockets and a space shuttle sitting on top of a huge rocket.  At the University of Alabama Huntsville we got our t-shirts, and off to play 3 basketball games.  We beat Huntsville, Mars Hill from Florence, (my son's school from 3rd-10th grade) and Hartselle, Alabama.  The Hartselle game wasn't very well officiated and could have gotten out of hand with the rough fouling the Hartselle team was trying. By rough, I mean intentional!  Anyway, our boys responded by taking it in stride and playing basketball.  Another win!  Done for the summer!  19 and 1!  Very very proud of these young men.  Thanks to our bus drivers for putting up with us for so many miles.  Thanks to Mrs. Crofton-Robinson and Ms. Katrina Bland for their great job chaperoning.  Thanks to Anthony Mason for his heart-felt prayer at the Lodge thanking God for all our journeys and safety.

Submitted by:
Gary Murdock
Science Instructor
Head Boys Basketball Coach