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June 21, 2018 @ 6:14 post time:

Charger Camp

Shelley Gough, Curriculum Coordinator/Assistant Principal wrote: 
From friendship bracelets, bubble gum blowing contest, to creating slime...Our new Chargers got to experience life in the middle school for a few hours today! We had a blast and look forward to a great new year!


June 18, 2018 @ 4:20pm
Great Sportsmanship for Crestview Charger Boys Basketball Team

The Crestview Boys Basketball Team has won 15 games so far this summer in camp at Millington First Baptist, Dyersburg, and Dexter, Missouri.  This is a special group of young men.  Refs in Dexter talked about their good behavior. They made friends with players from other teams in Dexter. They behaved classy in going 12 and 0 in two days in Dexter.  They won the respect of everyone who saw them play.  In our last game in Missouri the entire audience of about 100 people were against us, and we could not get a break in the calls... in fact it pretty much went against us in most cases.  They could have acted out, but kept their cool and played our game.  Great experience for them.

Their only loss was a 1 point loss in Dyersburg, against Dyersburg last Wednesday.  Coach James Dowell and I are very proud of the way they have played and conducted themselves this summer.  Only 3 more games this Friday and we are done for the summer.
Just thought I would pass the news along.

Update June 22nd, 2018: The CMS boys have 12 wins, 0 losses in Missouri; 4 wins and 0 losses in Alabama. There were 3 wins and 1 one-point loss in Tennessee. There were a total of 19 wins and 1 loss. That wraps up the summer basketball camp. The team roster includes J. Dowell, I. Robinson, J. Greene, A. Smith, J. Anthony, A. Mason, O. Winfrey, A. Bland, and T. Holland. The team played over the summer at Millington First Baptist, Dyersburg; in Dexter, Mossouri, as well as Killen and Huntsville, Alabama.

Submitted by:
Gary Murdock
Science Instructor
Head Boys Basketball Coach