For Office Hours, scroll to the bottom of this page. 

E-Mail our Principal: Steve Maclin @

Office Phone: 901-840-9250
Fax: 901-475-2607

201 Mark Walker, Jr. Dr
Covington, TN 38019

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Office Hours will be limited through Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Breaks. Please call the school office, (901) 840-9250, during these off times to leave a message and a staff member will return your call as soon as possible.

Please call the front office at 840-9250 if you need any questions.


Regular Office Hours
7:00am to 4:00pm
 Monday through Friday

Class Hours
7:50am is tardy bell

7:50 to 7:59am is 1st Period (Homeroom)

7:59am to 8:45am is 2nd period

8:45am to 9:31am is 3rd period

9:31am to 10:17am is 4th period

10:17am to 11:03am is 5th period

11:03am to 11:49am is 6th period

11:49am to 1:05pm is 7th period

1:05pm to 1:51pm is 8th period

1:51pm to 2:50pm is 9th period