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Crestview Middle School

Mrs. Wakefield is in the process of getting CMS's clothes closet fully stocked for next year. She is so grateful for the outpouring of support from those who have already donated. She states, "Your giving has proven that you understand that these kids don't choose what they wear to school; they wear what they can, when they can. We have a huge need for girl's pants in juniors and women's sizes." If you would like to donate, let Mrs. Wakefield know and she will be glad to come and get them. Call the school office at 901-840-9250 or e-mail 

Help Support Crestview Middle by using your Kroger Card: Crestview Middle's application for Kroger Community Awards Program has been accepted.

If you are a Kroger shopper in any areas of Tipton County, please register your Kroger Card online by going to, go to Account Summary, scroll down, and be sure to Enroll into the Community Awards Program with our ID 76295. There are awards you can get such as coupons on saving at Kroger through this service. In the end, you will also be helping Crestview Middle too. Each time you use your Kroger card, you help by donating a small percentage of your total cost to our school.

Spread the word to all stakeholders in the CMS community. Thank you for your support.
Enter #55220 in the School or Nonprofit ID Box
Know a business who uses a lot of ink cartridges and wants to donate, print this flier for them. 
CMS does not accept copier and fax toners as they are not considered "printer" ink cartridges.





Below is a link to both 2016 Track Team and 2016 Football Team to make a donation through Please help these teams make their goals to help their athletic program succeed.
Track Team is selling athletic attire at their store.
All items are shipped to your door. If you have any questions, please e-mail or contact John Elinor at or 901-840-9250