The 3.0 Club

3.0 Club Faculty Council
Administrative Advisor

The purpose of the 3.0 club shall be to:
A. Encourage students to excel academically and morally
B. Create enthusiasm for scholarship
C. Stimulate a desire to render service
D. Develop good citizens and life long learners
E. Encourage students to have positive attitudes

Criteria for becoming a member is 85 overall average and satisfactory conduct. 

Immediate Release from 
Crestview Middle's 3.0 Club

The Officers of the 3.0 Club have been elected:
The officers will serve for the 2010-2011 school year.

They are:

Vice President - 
Secretary -

Grade Representatives
8th Grade: 
7th Grade: 
6th Grade:

If you have any questions regarding any event, please contact Mrs.Carolyn Hayes by e-mail or by phone at (901) 475-5904.