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Hey everyone,

This is a reminder about not falling for the hackers and viruses of the world.  No one from the Technology Department, the Tipton County Schools, your own personal Banking and Credit Card companies, the companies you get your Internet and Cable or Satellite services from, Ritter Communications, the IRS, etc... is ever, ever, ever going to call you and say that they need your username and/or password because one or more of your accounts or computers or cell phones has been compromised.  No service or credit card or bank, etc...,  worth having will ever initiate a call or email to you.  These "do no gooder's " are becoming increasingly sophisticated using strategy's to get us all to fall for it.  It's what they do.  Every credit card and other company has an 800/866 number for Customer call it if there's ever a doubt in your mind about any of your accounts becoming compromised and they will assist you.  That's what ..they.. do.   If you're not 100% sure you're talking to the right person at the right company, then don't do it, whatever it is.


CMS Students, Why Not Give it a Try?
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If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Shelley Gough at or by phone 475-5900.


Mrs. Wakefield is in the process of getting CMS's clothes closet fully stocked for next year. She is so grateful for the outpouring of support from those who have already donated. She states, "Your giving has proven that you understand that these kids don't choose what they wear to school; they wear what they can, when they can. We have a huge need for girl's pants in juniors and women's sizes." If you would like to donate, let Mrs. Wakefield know and she will be glad to come and get them. Call the school office at 901-475-5900 or e-mail

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Mr. Seth Franco, Former

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Greetings from Crestview Middle Charger
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working together, getting along with others, and understanding both sides to a problem.
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Crestview Middle has accepted Rachel's Challenge.
Look for THE BEST in others.
Treat others THE WAY you want to be treated.
Choose POSITIVE influences.
SPEAK words of kindness.
FORGIVE yourself and others. 
- Rachel Joy Scott
August 5, 1981 – April 20, 1999)
 Rachel's Challenge

Here at Crestview Middle,

we believe

Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

All students can learn and deserve opportunities to do so in a safe and comfortable environment.
    Differentiated instructional strategies should be implemented to actively engage all learners.

    A quality education is best provided when curriculum and instructional practices are data driven and research based.
      Optimum proficiency is achieved by the combined and collaborative efforts of all stakeholders.
        Continuous school improvement is imperative for students to reach their full educational potential and become life-long learners.
          Student benefit is the most important catalyst in the decision making process.
          ***The purpose at Crestview Middle is to prepare the students for secondary and post secondary education.